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Essentials Aspects of Cargo 

Insurance and Claims
(Conducted in English)
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Total Training Hours: 14
日期: TBA

时间: TBA

What are the possible channels to reduce losses in times of cargo misfortune?The objective of this short course is to equip participants with the legal and technical aspects of marine insurance and claims procedure.With losses and abandonment prevalent in the logistics industry, the knowledge is essential to managers and executives in this challenging industry, the knowledge is essential to managers and executives in this challenging industry so that they could protect their interests from various potential risks.

Course Content / Structure
  • Nature of Marine Insurance
  • Prime Functions of Marine Insurance
  • Legal Aspects of Cargo Insurance:
  1. Indemnity
  2. Insurable Interest
  3. Subrogation
  4. Utmost Good Faith
  5. Proximate Cause
  • Loss and Abandonment
  • Technical Aspects of Institute of Cargo Clause:         
  1. Explain the perils covered by Institute of Cargo Clauses A,B,C
  2. Explain the Exclusions
  3. Explain the Duration of Cover in a Cargo Policy
  4. Cover provided under the Institute Cargo Clauses of War/ Strikes
  • How to file Cargo Claims
  1. Insured duties in the event of loss

Assessment and Certificate
Participants who fulfil at least 75% attendance for the whole course will be awarded Certificate of Attendance. There is no assessment for this course.

The course is for shipping agents, air-cargo service providers, warehouse providers, trading companies, cargo insurance claims administrators and those involved in logistics operation.

Full Course Fee
Full Course Fee with 7% GST 

Non-members who are keen to sign up for this course will need to pay a non-refundable $53.50 (inc. GST) membership fee.

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*SCCIOB reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, change the trainer and venue due to unforeseen circumstance

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